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Tutorial 7A: Planning Digital Curation and Preservation activities Using the DCC (Digital Curation Centre) Curation Lifecycle Model
Half Day

This tutorial aims to introduce professionals charged with planning preservation and curation activities on the use of a lifecycle methodology. Participants will learn how to use, and customise, the DCC Curation Lifecycle Model to help define and develop curation or preservation workflows and activities within their organisation or consortium. The tutorial will explain how to use the model to build granular functionality, to define roles and responsibilities, and build an implementable framework of standards and technologies. The use of relevant standards such as OAIS (ISO 14721:2003 Space data and information transfer systems — Open archival information system — Reference model) and ISO15489 (Information and documentation. Records management) will be introduced.   The tutorial will also explain how the DCC envisages using the model to contextualise a range of DCC and external resources to reflect, as accurately as possible, actual working practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • An understanding of the lifecycle approach to digital curation and preservation including the approach taken by a number of projects
  • An understanding of how the lifecycle approach to digital curation and preservation relates to other relevant standards eg OAIS, ISO 15489 and MoReq2
  • Information on how using the DCC Curation Lifecycle Model can facilitate the development and planning of all aspects of a curation or preservation programme
  • An understanding of the DCC’s internal use of the DCC Curation Lifecycle Model and the resources they provide access to.

Target Audience:
It is intended for professionals planning digital curation and digital preservation programs or projects within their organization or consortium. The intended audience includes:

    • Digital librarians
    • Digital repository managers, developers and curators
    • Archivists and electronic records managers
    • Data managers
    • Digital assets managers
    • eScience practitioners
    • Those engaged in research related to any of the above disciplines

Level of Experience:
This tutorial is designed for professionals with an Introductory or Intermediate level of understanding in the areas of digital curation and digital preservation.

Sarah Higgins is the Standards Advisor for the Digital Curation Centre. Based at the University of Edinburgh, she is responsible for the DCC DIFFUSE Project, which aims to document standards frameworks for a number of disciplines. She provides guidance and documentation regarding the use of standards applicable to digital curation, and comments, on behalf of the DCC, on emerging standards, or those undergoing revision. She recently coordinated the development of the DCC Curation Lifecycle Model. A qualified archivist, Sarah’s previous roles include: Metadata Coordinator for Edinburgh University Library, and Project Archivist, with responsibility for IT implementation, for both the Rebuilding the City Project and the NAHSTE Project at Edinburgh University Archives. Previously she was Geographic Information Research Officer for the British Antarctic Survey and Secretary to the UK Antarctic Place-names Committee. Sarah sits on the Executive Committee of the UK Society of Archivists Data Standards Group.